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In The News

Lakers-fan.com became instantly popular with the success of the Machine videos which started last year during the playoffs in May 2008. We sent a link to the first video to J.E. Skeets, a blogger for Yahoo NBA. His response was “OH MY GOD, do not send this to anyone else!” Since then, he has posted every machine video, even giving us the start to the internet phenomenon these videos have become.

Ball Don’t Lie  - an NBA Yahoo sports blog by J.E. Skeets

Machine Game 5 vs. Jazz 2008

Machine Game 1 vs. Spurs

Machine Game 3 vs. Boston

Machine and Kobe - Besty Friends

Machine Break Down

Dunk Like Machine

Machine vs. Queens

Machine Game 1. vs. Jazz 2009

Machine Game 4 and 5 vs. Jazz 2009

Machine’s Amazing

And the best, winning video of the year for Ball Don’t Lie!

Thanks Skeets for making  Lakers-fan.com known to the world!

Our Machine video have also been on KTLA news 3 times. We only have record of one of these unfortunately (as we still wait on the producer from KTLA to send copies of the first two)

Sasha was also questioned during his exit interview last summer 2008 about the videos. Here is his response.

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