RECAP: 2009 Lakers Championship DVD Premiere

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Hey ducklings, it’s Devin here reporting! This week was a real exciting experience for us at Lakers Fan. Garrett and Nick were invited to the premier of the 2009 championship DVD release party at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles. Yes thats right, years of geeking over all things Lakers finally got us access to the big show. Well, not really the big show but boy were we swooned.  I wish I could have brought you all with us.

Upon receiving an invitation management dug deep and pulled together an all-star cast to represent the website and its loyal followers (you know who you are). I picked up Nick at his questionable “internet monitoring” job and off we were to search for Garrett. He was spotted at his usual location buying discounted candy at a convenience store. Fighting afternoon traffic like men with a purpose we arrived way early. Nick put on some clothes in the parking lot and I took a leak in front of some dude. We then headed off to the Nokia building, getting giddier with each step. Arriving to the door we learned a valuable life lesson: if you want to get into a Lakers event just mumble some nonsense how you are so and so from blah blah website and you’re in. I encourage you all to try it! Hell, go ahead and say you’re from this site! I met some poor sap who paid $50 to some cat in a bathroom stall for a wristband. To each his own, but I say try the fake website spiel first. We’re going to try to get in games with this knowledge. Knowledge is power kids.

the boys

Anyway, the party was just tits. We were drastically underdressed and proud of it! The crowd consisted of your normal Hollyweird types chatting it up about the recent People magazine and debating which celeb has the biggest boobs and the longest ding dong this week. We fit right in for sure. HA. It all started getting hazy but then the players began to arrive. Farmar, Walton, and Derek Fisher. There they were. It’s really an odd experience hanging with players (staring from a close vicinity) you have been critiquing while sweating it on a couch for years. Odom was supposed to show but I’m sure he was busy feasting on skittles somewhere.

Everyone wanted a piece of the players and so did we. Garrett and I tried to get a picture with Fisher only to be turned down by his five foot bodyguard. What’s up with the security D-Fish? The dood was a circus act. Anyway, we sat back and stratagized how we were going to get a picture. No way we were going to leave this party without those photos! It finally happened and I have to tell you my life will never be the same. I even managed to put my arm around Fish. I also got one with my least favorite Laker, Luke Walton. Like a fly to poop I couldn’t resist. The pictures look great. Can you say wall-size-blow-ups on all four walls of my room?

Here’s some of my private collection for your viewing pleasure:




After the party we went on into the theater where the players were introduced by some cheesy executive type. The video rolled and nostalgia ensued. Garrett was definitely sporting a tent and I was halfway there. Nick was rambling off comments in a slavic accent throughout (we wanted to make sure everyone got their moneys worth). The memories were great…. the video subpar. Nothing you haven’t seen on ESPN plus short interviews of the players jockin’ Kobe’s junk. We got a free one. We love free stuff so that was just peachy. All in all, it was a great night for some lifetime Lakers fans who really appreciated the opportunity to meet some players. Thanks for the invite and keep us in mind next time!



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  1. Daniel Sagal Says:

    Well done. I can back up this entire article as I was lucky (considering I had already seen the season premiere of Entourage) enough to attend as well. Fun hanging with you guys, but the event did suck!

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